About Trimlux Seals

Trimlux Sealing Trims

A 23mm wide sealing trim that is available in two verisons, with holes or without holes.

Trimlux is shower seal that combines a flexible inner leg to allow for joint movement and is enclosed with silicone sealant. Trimlux is a 23mm wide sealing trim. Trimlux is available in two formats: ‘Pro’ and ‘Reg’ (Regular) .
Trimlux Pro has holes in the upstand part of the seal allowing it to be stuck to the wall with tile adhesive, whereas Trimlux Reg is stuck to the wall with Sealux N silcione Sealant. There is no difference in product performance between the ‘Pro’ and ‘Reg’ version.  The ‘Pro’ version is typically used by professional installers or when small moscaic tiles are being fitted adjacent to the shower tray.  Many people find installing the ‘Reg’ version easier as they do not have to install tiles at the same time as when installing the Trimlux seal.


  •  Use With Tiles YES
  •  Fitted Behind Tile YES
  •  In Front of Tile, i.e. Repair a leaking shower tray/bath YES but only Trimlux Reg
  • Allows Joint Movement ? YES, by means of Patented inner leg
  • Use With Shower Wall Panels,
  • Fitted behind Shower Wall Panels NO
  •  In Front of Shower Wall Panels YES
  •  Suitable with Tanking YES


  •  Install Before Fixing Bath/Shower Tray NO
  •  Install After Fixing Bath/Shower Tray YES

With Tiling

  •  Commence Tiling Before Installation. YES
  •  Commence Tiling After Installation. YES
trimlux fitted behind tilestrimlux section view

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Trimlux ‘Reg’ Specifications

Material Trimlux Regular
PVC Length x Width x Height (mm)
1850 x 23 x 33
Fitting Uses
Fitted behind tiles Tiled Installations
Can be fitted over tiles for repair installations
Sealant Brochure
Sealux-N Silicone  Download here

Choose from the range of Trimlux Profiles


A Trimlux Seal is a PVC strip that includes Sealux-N Silicone. The inner “flexi” leg part of the trim is designed to move when and allow for joint movement when required. The silicone is hidden and protected inside the trim whilst the innder leg is able to flex as downward movement is applied. Movement is due to load bearing of the shower tray/bath.

Trimlux is only available in 23mm wide sealing trims.

All our kits ship with comprehensive instructions, installation videos are available on our YouTube channel .

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