FlangeBand Formats

FlangeBand is the next generation sealing system from Sealux, An award winning product (‘Best Interior Product’ at the annual Architecture and Building Expo 2017, Dublin, Ireland)
Before you buy FlangeBand you should choose which verison of FlangeBand best suits your needs. FlangeBand is available in two different product formats, PlumBud and TileBud.

    • Please note that FlangeBand PlumBud can only be fitted to the pan or bath tub prior to locating the tray in its final position (first fix).
    • FlangeBand TileBud can be fitted before or after a tray is in position, if can also be used on shower pans and bath tubs that incorporate a flange.
    • Sealux deveolped FlangeBand so that it bonds tenaciously to Sealux-N silcione

FlangeBand meets relevant BS 5385 Part 4:2015 recommendations. More information regarding Flangeband please visit flangeband.com

Looking to Buy FlangeBand

FlangeBand is sold and marketed as ‘HydroHALT’ in Europe.

Sealux Sealing Trims (non kit format)

All of our PVC sealing trims are shipped in a rigid box to prevent any damages during transit