FlangeBand PlumBud 12ft 4″


This kit contains one roll of FlangeBand PlumBud, length = 12ft 4″, alignment guide, spreading spatula, 2 alcohol wipes along with Sealux’s comprehensive installation instructions.

FlangeBand PlumBud is an award-winning flexible upstand seal that has been engineered by experts in the shower/bath sealing sector. It is designed for use on shower pans & bath tubs and it is higher performing and more versatile than ‘stick-on’ butyl adhesive strip. FlangeBand PlumBud is as simple to install as any stick-on strip, it is stuck onto the sidewall of the shower pan (or bath tub) prior to fitting the pan/tub in its final position. FlangeBand PlumBud is ideal for Regular, Slimline & Upstand pans, It is highly flexible and durable. FlangeBand PlumBud Perfect with liquid based tanking systems.
Sealux recommend to use Sealux-N silicone (or an equivalent neutral curing sanitary grade silicone) with FlangeBand PlumBud.